Intimate Relationship Advice: How To Let Go and Move On

Let Go and Move On in relationship

Most people, in one way or another has experience or is experiencing the happiness of being in love; the sweetness, the laughter, the carefreeness and the incomparable feeling of being in love. This most probably is the reason why nothing can compare to the pain that a broken heart bears, because love can make you fly high over the mountains or make you sunk on the depths of Hades.

On the other hand, we all know that love or technically the feeling of being in love doesn’t stay the same forever. Every kind of relationship arrives at the point wherein you really want to let go, especially when it seems to you that the other person has already let go of the robe and that holding on will just give you more pain, and when the only choice is to let go and so you must move on. Maybe because each person has different set of values.

It is a fact that all of these words which I have written in here are easily said than done, but I must say these are all worth the try, better to move your feet no matter how hard it is than to stay on the quicksand and let yourself drown with sadness. We all had our own fair share of priceless moments but just like what most people say- nothing stays forever, so here is our list that might help you move on with that very special or most special love of yours, moving on with pride and joy that when you once remember it in the future you’ll say “It wasn’t easy doing that, but it’s worth it!”.

The etching process for letting go and moving on 

Etching, according to Merriam-Webster, is the art of producing pictures or designs by printing on an etched metal plate. This process requires an acid or a laser to cut the surface of the hard object just to make the beautiful designs out of it. Let’s look at moving on in that way, a painful and despicable process in the beginning for which a beautiful design will be made at the end.

The things that are listed here are not easy to do, especially if you really love the person, but it’s worth the try. You can also add or deduct something on the list that would entirely depend on you as long as you work with our, you and us, common goal which is to help you move on.

Let Go and Move On  in relationship

Stop the blaming game and assess what happened

This is very important, the hurt will never end until you accept that you also did something wrong. Don’t act as if you are the good guy, somehow you are on the extreme, either good or bad, that’s why this happened. Don’t blame him/her for the pain, you chose to love the person so deal with it-after all, it’s a choice. Just as the lyrics of a popular song goes; “ I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough” you need to understand that this has been a work in progress before you both arrived at the dead end of your loving fairy tale. Understand and accept that both of you are on this, it’s not entirely the other person’s fault alone. I learn to take responsibility in relationship from Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event. Not only you need  to be responsible in your relationship, but also in life.

Accept that there is nothing to come back to

Stop bargaining! Accept that this is the dead end until then you will never have the courage to turn back and go to the opposite side of the wall.

Smile, everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason, someone better is waiting there for you. Just believe and earn both your mistakes and achievements in this juncture of your life. Remember, assess what happened and learn from it so you will not commit the same mistakes again. Bear in mind that you need these experiences to become a better individual which is also a choice- you can either evolve to a butterfly from being a caterpillar or die with worms never knowing what should have happened next if only you didn’t gave up.

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.
Anthony Robbins